EVM for use in isolated single-channel gate driver with opto-compatible input

28-02-2019 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments UCC23513EVM-014 Gate Driver Evaluation Module is created for evaluation of the company's 5kVRMS isolated single-channel gate driver with opto-compatible input, UCC23513. The input is current driven, needing between 7mA and 16mA for device turn-on, which can be reverse biased for turn-off. The device is capable of 4A source and 5A sink peak output current for running Si MOSFETs, IGBTs and WBG devices, such as SiC and GaN transistors.

The evaluation module is populated with clips and two-position headers for versatility in connecting power and signal inputs, along with signal test points and large GND vias to allow installation of ground springs. The PCB layout is optimised with minimal loop area in the input and output paths and showcases design for high voltage between the primary side and secondary side with 8mm creepage.

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