Sunlight spectrum LEDs are close to actual sunlight

07-02-2019 | Selectronic | Lighting Technologies

Selectronic and their Chinese partners HongliTronic can provide artificial lighting in a home or business setting with LEDs providing close to actual sunlight all day long. The Sunlight Spectrum 2835 SMD packages are now available from the company. “We are pleased to introduce Hongli’s Sunlight Spectrum 2835, which is the perfect solution to those wanting very close to natural light from an artificial source,” said Selectronic MD Kevin Dry. "The option to create lighting products that replicate daylight opens a new era of what can be achieved in previously closed-off rooms or underground environments, not to forget the health benefits in dark winter periods from creating artificial daylight particularly when linked with a time clock to accurately reflect the various times of a bright sunny day." “The Sunlight Spectrum 2835, which produces perfect colour, measuring more than 95 in the range R1 to R15 and continuous saturation, is very close to the actual sunlight spectrum. There is much less blue light, and it is a first choice for protecting our eyes.” The technology creates a spectrum of light that best matches sunlight’s natural spectrum, providing the perfect solution whether it is for multiple industrial/retail applications as well as in office, business or home lighting products.

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