Precise outputs for low power DC-DC converters

25-02-2019 | Recom International | Power

RECOM has extended its low power DC-DC portfolio with the R0.5ZX and R1ZX series.

The devices are based on the 2kVDC isolated low-profile R1SX SMD series but incorporate an internal linear regulator to provide a precise, load independent and low noise output. The already low output ripple and noise can be decreased to 2mVp-p with a simple external filter circuit. The output is also continuously short circuit protected. In the result of a continuous overload or over-temperature condition, the output will shut down therefore protecting the converter and the application from overcurrent damage. The output will automatically restart once the fault condition has been lifted. These DC-DC converters work over an extended industrial temperature range from -40C up to +100C and are IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 certified with CB report.

Typical applications include isolated 5V supplies for sensor, bus-interface and precision test and measurement circuits.

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