WiFi connectivity kit allows access with cloud services from AWS

05-02-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

Infineon Technologies XMC48 IOT Amazon Web Services (AWS) WiFi Connectivity Kit includes MCU baseboard with XMC4800 relax kit and a WiFi click board module. This connectivity board kit enables access with cloud services from AWS by using the Amazon FreeRTOS software. The IOT AWS WiFi connectivity kit operates at 3.3V to 5V supply voltage. This connectivity board kit is perfect for use in industry applications.

The baseboard of kit includes an XMC4800 relax kit with Arduino and a click board by Mikroelecktronika within a compatible form factor. This baseboard with XMC4800 relax kit features an XMC4800-F100X2408 microcontroller. This microcontroller is powered by Arm Cortex-m4 CPU that provides 144MHz cycling frequency. The microcontroller provides 2MB of Flash, 353kByte RAM, EtherCAT connectivity, and an onboard debugger. The standard CAN and EtherCAT connectivity make the kit ideal for IoT gateway applications.

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