Hybrid power starter kit demonstrates flexibility of MCU in SMPS applications

26-02-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Microchip Technology CIP Hybrid Power Starter Kit is designed to demonstrate the flexibility of CIP hybrid power MCU as used in an SMPS application. The kit is available now from Mouser. This starter kit is a hardware platform that incorporates the PIC16F1779 as the freely programmable PMIC device of a synchronous buck converter. The kit supports three control modes including VMC, PCMC, and Average Current Mode Control (ACMC). This starter kit features one power on LED, two status LEDs, mechanical user switch, I2C bridge support, onboard debugger, and 94.4% efficiency at 65% load.

The CIP hybrid power starter kit's MCU comprises four digitally enhanced analog PWM controller function blocks into a low-power, 8-bit MCU architecture. The MCU core activity is independent of the PWM controller functional block operation as the PWM controller functional blocks are built in as CIPs. These PWM controller blocks can be configured at design time or during run time to create nonlinear operating profiles for applications. These applications include programmable power supplies, multi-loop control systems, and intelligent PMIC devices for embedded systems.

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