DC-DC converter with wide input/output is ideal for battery charging applications

01-02-2019 | Luso | Power

Luso now offers the Delta Electronics H60SB0A050 non-isolated DC-DC converter. This module is perfect for applications where a regulated output voltage (adjustable) is required from a broadly varied input voltage source. With its 98% conversion efficiency, efficient DC to DC voltage conversion for output power up to 3000W can be achieved.

The device is especially suited for the application of battery charging circuits by the implementation of its adaptable output current limiting function. This compact unit gives a single output voltage which is adjusted over a broad range (0-60VDC). The input voltage range is 9-60VDC, with an output current of up to 50A. The peak efficiency of this half brick DC-DC converter is up to 98%.

The converter comes with a multitude of industry-standard features, such as over-temperature protection, over-current protection, input UVP and pre-bias start-up input reverse polarity protection. It can be connected in parallel application for higher output power without the necessity for extra external or-ing FETS.

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