TAS to Ethernet TSN protocol stack for in-vehicle networks announced

11-02-2019 | Excelfore | Automotive Technologies

Excelfore has announced a working Time Aware Shaper (TAS) for Ethernet TSN networks. To meet automotive demands for deterministic network behaviour, new protocols must be added onto Ethernet stacks to provide AVB and TSN. These new protocols allow Ethernet to satisfy the needs of in-vehicle infotainment, control and safety systems.

The company's TAS protocols reside in network talkers and bridges with support for TSN enhancements including IEEE 802.1Qbv and 802.1Qci. The TAS provides a circuit-switched/ TDM channel into the otherwise packet-based Ethernet network. This allows a specific time window to be guaranteed for the delivery of high priority traffic, for example for automotive control systems. The TAS has demonstrated the ability to reduce the variance in measured propagation delays by more than 65% compared to Ethernet traffic without the TAS, ensuring deterministic sub-100 microsecond accuracy for time-sensitive traffic.

Shrikant Acharya, CTO at Excelfore, said, "Excelfore has consistently played a leading role in Ethernet AVB/TSN implementations. Last year we presented the first working demonstration of IEEE 802.1ASrev grand master clock redundancy. In 2016 our AVB protocol stack was the first to be certified by the Avnu Alliance for both the talker and listener functions."

The Excelfore eAVB/TSN protocol stack, including the new TAS, is available for Linux, QNX, Integrity and Android operating systems, as well as a variety of smaller RTOSs (real-time operating systems). It is already running in cameras, video displays, head units, ECUs, and network gateways that bridge to CAN, LIN, and other popular automotive busses.

Automotive Ethernet Congress, February 13-14, Munich, Germany

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