Capacitors eliminate the need for an external case

22-02-2019 | Cornell Dubilier | Passives

Cornell Dubilier has availability of its Type RA multilayered film capacitors for 125C operation. The capacitors are built using stacked metallised polyester protected with an impregnated sealant, which excludes the requirement for an external case. This package style claims to provide the highest energy density technology available for switching power supplies, DC to DC converters and other high ripple current applications. Type RA capacitors are impregnated with a microcrystalline polymer sealant and exterior tape wrap that guards the capacitor element against moisture, enabling it to meet 85C/85% RH requirements for challenging applications in defence vehicles and aerospace. Offered in capacitance values ranging from 0.1µF to 10.0µF, voltage ratings of 100, 250, 400 and 500VDC, the capacitors are terminated with radial leads to satisfy a wide range of applications in power electronics where high density capacitors are required for board-level DC filtering.

By Electropages Admin