Linear regulators ideal for supplying power to always-on components

09-01-2019 | Texas Instruments | Automotive Technologies

Texas Instruments TPS7B70-Q1 LDO Linear Regulators are 300mA, LDO linear regulators that run from an automotive battery. These devices have only 19µA of quiescent current at light loads, making it an ideal choice to provide power to always-on components, such as MCUs and CAN transceivers.

The input voltage range of the device extends thru 40V. This voltage enables the device to withstand transient conditions, such as load-dump. The device also has a PG pin to inform the system when the output voltage is in regulation. To obtain the necessary operation, you can adjust the PG threshold voltage and delay. The threshold voltage of the PG signal is altered through external resistors. Using an external capacitor it is possible to adjust the delay.

The device runs in ambient temperatures from –40C to +125C, and with junction temperatures from –40C to +150C. This device also has a thermally conductive package that allows sustained operation notwithstanding significant dissipation across the device, a typical property of off-battery operation. These characteristics, along with included current limit and thermal shutdown protection, make the device an attractive selection to supply power to automotive system components.

Typical automotive applications include body control modules, EV and HEV battery management systems, transmission control units, head units, and electrical power steering.

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