Evaluation module provides a complete USB PD source and sink reference design

08-01-2019 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments USB-C-PD-DUO-EVM Evaluation Module offers a complete USB PD Source and Sink reference design that enables users to choose their USB PD source voltage or USB PD sink voltage. The device is intended to evaluate the TPS65987D which is a USB type-C and USB PD controller with integrated switches.

The device comprises both a source side and sink sideboard to enable users to evaluate Power DUO mode for both a source or sink design. The device also permits users to select both the source and sink capabilities offered through the application of the push button switches labelled 5V, 9V, 15V, and 20V.

The device offers up to 200W Source or Sink and is PD3.0 compliant. The module offers a built-in SPI/I2C debugger and programmer and is fully configurable for any USB Type-C and power delivery application.

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