New version of entry-level Arduino Uno WiFi board for IoT projects

10-01-2019 | RS Components | Development Boards

RS Components now has availability of a new Arduino board that comes with WiFi wireless networking capability and more processing power than available previously, by integrating a new 8-bit microprocessor from Microchip.

This second version – Rev2 – of the highly popular Arduino Uno WiFi board has the same functionality as the Arduino Uno Rev3, but also has built-in WiFi, allowing easy connection to the Internet, as well as an onboard IMU sensor. The board, which comes in the Uno’s 68.6mm x 53.4mm form factor, is based around the new ATmega4809 8-bit processor from Microchip, which in turn integrates 6KB of SRAM and 256bytes of EEPROM.

The board’s onboard wireless communications SoC module has an integrated TCP/IP protocol stack for access to WiFi networks and can act as an Internet access point. The module also provides security for users, as the WiFi connection is secured via the addition of a new ECC608 crypto-chip accelerator.

The board has 14 digital input/output pins – with six that can be used as PWM outputs – and six analogue inputs. Other options include a 16MHz ceramic resonator, an ICSP header, USB connection, power jack and reset button. A highly useful feature of the board is support for OTA programming, allowing the transfer of Arduino sketches or WiFi firmware.

Providing plug and plug ability, users can be swiftly up and running following connection to a computer via a USB cable. The board can also be powered via an AC/DC adapter or battery.

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