Airport installs fast security scanner

24-01-2019 | Rohde & Schwarz | New Technologies

Rohde & Schwarz has supplied Edinburgh Airport with three R&S QPS201 scanners. The scanners have been installed in the security hall at the airport, giving a significant increase in scan rate – decreasing wait times for passengers, improving security and preparing the airport for the future introduction of 100% scanning.

The scanners perform a full scan-and-analyse cycle in just 3.8 seconds in the standard model (2.5 seconds in the enhanced version).

Commenting on the installation, Peter Barnes, security operations manager at Edinburgh Airport said, “The Rohde & Schwarz scanners have improved our security performance thanks to its high accuracy rate and the low frequency of false alarms which has maximised our passenger throughput and resulted in our staff having full confidence in the scanners. It’s also improved the passenger experience by making their journey through the airport as fast and efficient as possible, while the open nature of the new scanners compared to the previous enclosed version has been a welcome addition.”

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