Digital quarter brick DC-DC converter designed for high-reliability applications

25-01-2019 | Murata | Power

Murata has released a new series of 600W, DOSA compliant, 12V output, digital quarter-brick DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. The series was created for high-reliability applications based on a 32-bit ARM processor that maintains the latest PMBus commands for digital control and telemetry functions. The DSQ, DCQ and DAQ converters support the full ‘TNV’ input range of 36-75V, with a typical efficiency of 96 at full load 48Vin.

The series is intended to support droop mode current sharing of multiple modules for increased power output with tight load sharing. I/O Isolation is 2250 VDC, with a functional insulation system and it carries the UL/CSA safety agency approvals. Options for these modules include a digital interface supporting the latest PMBus command set, parallel load sharing, positive or negative on/off logic, along with options for standard 'analog' DOSA pinout and a 5pin Bus Converter pinout. Application examples include, telecommunications networking equipment, computing equipment, wireless base stations, PoE systems, MicroTCA, fan trays and test equipment.

“Murata Power Solutions is proud to offer the 600W DOSA ¼ brick series to power systems architects around the world. The high-reliability design and manufacturing process and advanced digital control platform with Murata’s proprietary firmware provides the power system designer the tools for the next generation, high-performance systems,” said Bill Smith, Director of Product Management, Murata Power Solutions.

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