New capacitors have novel MIM structure and wide range of capacitance values

04-01-2019 | AVX | Passives

AVX Corporation has launched a new range of ultraminiature, thin-film transmission line capacitors for high-frequency links, DC blocking in the UHF range (300MHz-3GHz), and other high-performance microwave and RF applications. The new capacitors feature a novel metal-insulator-metal (MIM) structure, a transmission line wire-bond pad, copper traces for optimal circuit conductivity, and a gold-metallized backside ground, and can be supplied on a variety of low-loss substrates, including alumina, quartz, glass, and silicon. The new transmission line capacitors are also offered in a broad range of capacitance values: 0.3-50pF with a ±20% tolerance, and each is produced using a high-frequency structure simulator to proactively meet any electromagnetic challenges and give the highest possible RF performance and reliability.

Larry Eisenberger, principal technical marketing engineer at AVX, said: "Our new thin-film transmission line capacitors are developed using ultra-precise HFSS designs for optimized circuit conductivity and RF performance. They offer a wide range of capacitance values and several customizable features, including impedance values and substrate material and thickness, and are also gold-wire bondable and RoHS compliant, enabling their employment in a broad range of high-performance microwave and RF applications."

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