Expanded power line features new series of SMT inductors

11-12-2018 | Pulse | Passives

Pulse Electronics has launched the new PM220X Series SMT Inductors. Intended for automotive and industrial applications, the series provides the same quality performance as the recent PA500X series for commercial applications with the extension of an elevated operating temperature rating up to 155. The series provides automotive grade reliability and satisfies IATF 16949 manufacturing standards.

"We identified a need in the marketplace for an SMT inductor that could withstand the higher operating temperatures required by automotive applications”, said Geoffrey Wildman, global marketing manager, Pulse Electronics, Power Business Unit. “The new PM220X series is AEC-Q200 and can handle high transient current spikes without saturation.”

The new high current SMT family of composite core inductors from the company provides automotive grade reliability and meets IATF 16949 manufacturing standards. They are now offered for both industrial and automotive grade solutions.

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