Latest Issue of technology e-zine explores smarter edge computing for IoT

06-12-2018 | Mouser Electronics | New Technologies

Mouser has published the newest issue of its Methods technology and solutions e-zine. The third issue of volume two studies the development of traditional edge devices to smarter edge devices that can process and make decisions — tasks that are currently done in the cloud.

In the newest issue, the company’s experts thoroughly examine how and why industries are working toward a smarter edge, building the case for shifting compute tasks directly onto devices and turning the IoT hierarchy into an end-to-end solutions platform. The issue also incorporates exclusive content on device security and also explores the implications of edge computing on network design.

“Edge computing is vital for supporting the rapid growth of networked devices,” said Kevin Hess, senior vice president of marketing at Mouser Electronics. “For this issue of Methods, we have assembled some of the industry’s leading figures in edge computing, who provide thought-provoking analyses of the many implications of this technology for the future of connected devices.”

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