New Insulator delivers high-reliability performance in space-constrained applications

18-12-2018 | AVX | Subs & Systems

AVX Corporation has added a new insulator to its 9176-800 Series low-profile IDCs - claimed to be the first and currently only industrial IDCs available in a 2.55mm profile - to provide an additional wire gauge and expand application suitability. Now offered in one to four positions in each of four wire gauges, the series' redundant, fatigue-resistant phosphor bronze contacts give high-reliability, gas-tight, cold-welded connections for discrete 22, 24, 26, and 28AWG solid and stranded wires. They are compatible with potting and overmoulding encapsulation processes for environmental protection. Also, to connecting leaded components to PCBs in space-constrained, harsh-environment industrial, medical, and transportation applications, the series can be used to connect PCBs together in a daisy chain configuration.

"Our newly extended 9176-800 Series low-profile IDCs have an industry-leading 2.55mm profile designed with today's high-density, space-constrained devices in mind and, with the addition of the new insulator option, provide robust, reliable power, and signal solutions in an expanded range of industrial, medical, and transportation applications with challenging operating conditions," said Tom Anderson, connector product manager at AVX Interconnect. "AVX leads the market offering of 22-28AWG IDC solutions, and our IDC technology is backed by more than ten years of proven performance in rugged industrial and transportation applications."

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