Contribution to key technology for 5G fronthaul networks

17-12-2018 | Anritsu | New Technologies

Anritsu is part of the dedicated team developing and delivering standards for the switch to 5G networks. IEEE 1914.3 specifies the encapsulation and mapping of radio protocols for transport over Ethernet frames using Radio over Ethernet (RoE), forming a essential part of 5G fronthaul networks. It maintains digitised radio data, mapping, CPRI, I/Q data and control channel frames across a routed Ethernet network. Using Ethernet as the transport layer with the frames enhances fronthaul networks with greater link capacity and high transfer efficiency while maintaining necessary network latency guarantees.

The company are part of a small group of individuals affiliated with market-leading companies contributing to the IEEE 1914.3 release, including AT&T, China Mobile, Comcores, CommScope, FiberHome, Intel, Microchip Technology, MT and SM Optics.

“Anritsu is proud to be part of a small but dedicated team of individuals helping shape future mobile fronthaul networks,” said Shunichi Sugita (general manager of Service Infrastructure Solutions Division); “Being an active contributor to standards allows Anritsu product development to consistently delivery on market-leading technologies and customer demands, and it’s a core part of the Anritsu ‘envision: ensure’ brand statement.”

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