Energy harvesting engine now paired with Bluetooth Low Energy

13-11-2018 | ZF Switches and Sensors | Test & Measurement

ZF Switches and Sensors energy harvesting engine can now be combined with the ON Semiconductor RSL10 SIP – an ultra-low-power Bluetooth 5 certified System in Package. This allows the switch to be used with the rapidly growing number of applications for Bluetooth Low Energy communications. The SIP solution highlights such ultra-low-power characteristics that a low loss Schottky Diode bridge rectifier and electrolytic capacitor are sufficient to produce power from the switch to the Bluetooth 5 device. The device will enable designers to create bespoke wireless control solutions for a broad range of low-cost, low-energy applications including control solutions in home systems automation, buildings, healthcare, alarm systems, fall detection, lighting, shutter control, vehicle counting and many more. electronica 2018, Hall B3, Booth 530

By Craig Dyball