Proximity sensor targets smartphones, VR/AR headsets and other battery powered systems

01-11-2018 | Vishay | Test & Measurement

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a fully integrated proximity sensor that blends a high power VCSEL, a photodiode, a signal processing IC and a 12-bit ADC in a single package. The new VCNL36687S is intended to be used in VR/AR headsets, smartphones, tablets, and other battery-operated devices.

With a range of up to 20cm, the device considerably simplifies the use and design-in of the proximity sensing ability in consumer and industrial applications, because no mechanical barriers are needed to optically isolate the emitter from the detector. The device provides a miniature, surface-mount 3.05mm x 2mm LLP with a low profile of 1mm. The device's small footprint and low height make it perfect for space-constrained applications.

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