FPD-Link III to CSI-2 deserializer for infotainment, displays and digital instrument cluster applications

30-11-2018 | Texas Instruments | Automotive Technologies

Texas Instruments DS90UH940N-Q1 FPD-Link III To CSI-2 deserializer together with the DS90UH949/947/929-Q1 serializers enables this device to convert 1-lane or 2-lane FPD-Link III streams into a MIPI CSI-2 format. The deserializer can run over cost-effective 50Ohm single-ended coaxial or 100Ohm differential STP cables. The device recovers the data from one or two FPD-Link III serial streams and translates it into a camera serial interface (CSI-2) format that can support video resolutions up to WUXGA and 1080p60 with 24-bit colour depth.

The interface supports video and audio data transmission and full duplex control, including I2C and SPI communication, over the same differential link. Consolidation of video data and control over two differential pairs decreases the interconnect size and weight, and simplifies system design. EMI is minimised by the use of low voltage differential signalling, data scrambling, and randomization. In backward compatible mode, the device supports up to WXGA and 720p resolutions with 24-bit colour depth over a single differential link.

The device automatically senses the FPD-Link III channels and provides a clock alignment and de-skew functionality with no need for any special training patterns. This ensures skew phase tolerance from mismatches in interconnect wires such as cable pair-to-pair length differences, PCB trace routing, and connector imbalances.

Typical applications include automotive Infotainment, Central Information Displays, Rear Seat Entertainment Systems, and Digital Instrument Clusters.

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