CO2 sensors ensure long-term stability and maintenance-free operation

12-11-2018 | Murata | Test & Measurement

Murata has introduced the IMG-CB Series of accurate, highly stable CO2 sensors aimed at gas detection applications in the agricultural and building energy management system markets.

The company's high-performance CO2 sensors are based on non-dispersive infrared sensor technology (NDIR). Their proprietary implementation of NDIR allows accurate calibration regardless of any degradation that could occur over time in the IR light source, optical path or IR sensor, thus assuring long-term stability and many years of maintenance-free operation in critical applications.

The principle of operation of the company's NDIR sensor involves focusing an IR light source to produce an optical beam that passes through any gases present, including CO2. After passing through an optical band pass filter, an IR sensor then measures the level of IR light present, which indicates the CO2 levels in the optical path.

The sensors can perform over a wide operating temperature range from 0C to 50C and offer a measurement range of 0ppm to 3,000ppm with an accuracy of +/-50ppm +5% of reading, typically +/-30ppm +2.5 % of reading. Power requirement is AC/DC 24V, or DC 12V, and power consumption is an average of 0.5W, 2W maximum. The sensor’s measurement interval is five seconds.

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