Power amp for audio systems is highly resistant to power surges

02-10-2018 | Toshiba | Automotive Technologies

Toshiba Electronics Europe has a new four-channel power amplifier for automotive audio applications that is highly resistant to the power surges often found within vehicle electronics.

Building on the company's development capabilities in ICs for automotive audio, the highly reliable four-channel TCB503HQ provides 50W of output power per channel into a 4Ohm load. The highly featured device comprises built-in mute and standby functions as well as protection functions including offset detection and short circuit detection, plus overvoltage and over temperature.

The device also has a built-in filter to enhance resistance to extraneous high-frequency noise that may be present in a vehicle. This filter also stops the generation of abnormal noises from the amplifier due to high-frequency noise from onboard electronics, such as motors, or other devices such as smartphones.

The device supports 6V operations, making it ideal for vehicles equipped with idling reduction systems. This feature suppresses the ‘popping’ sounds that may occur when the supply voltage fluctuates.

The clip detection signal can be utilised to control the volume and tone control circuits, thereby enhancing the sound quality of the audio system.

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