Quad local Interconnect network integrates wake up and protection features

12-10-2018 | Texas Instruments | Automotive Technologies

Texas Instruments TLIN1024-Q1 Quad Local Interconnect Network (LIN) is a physical layer transceiver, which integrates wake up and protection features. This device achieves LIN2.0, LIN2.1, LIN2.2, LIN2.2A and ISO/DIS 17987–4.2 standards. This LIN is a single wire bidirectional bus typically used for low-speed in-vehicle networks using data rates up to 20kbps. The receiver maintains data rates up to 100kbps for in-line programming. The device has two separate dual LIN transceiver blocks. The VSUP1/2 control separates the dual transceiver blocks.

The device converts the LIN protocol data stream on the TXD input into a LIN bus signal utilising a current-limited wave-shaping driver which decreases EME. The receiver changes the data stream to logic level signals that are sent to the microprocessor through the open-drain RXD pin. Ultra-low current consumption is achievable using the sleep mode which enables wake up via LIN bus or EN pin. The integrated resistor, ESD protection, and fault protection enable designers to save board space in their applications.

Typical applications include body electronics and lighting, infotainment and cluster, hybrid electric vehicles and power train systems, and passive safety.

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