High reliability DIN rail power supplies for medical applications

09-10-2018 | Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd. | Power

PULS Power offers DIN Rail power solutions for medical applications where specific special approvals and strict safety standards apply. Medical products and systems often have little space available for a power supply and associated hardware, leaving the medical OEM the option of plug-in or panel-mount power supplies, commonly being an expensive customer-specific solution.

The PULS CP Series of medical power supplies give designers an advanced alternative where users can design-in an efficient standard power supply that provides the highest technological standards and is permanently offered from stock. The high industrial standard, low heat loss design has numerous advantages as well as high efficiency with no noise fanless continuous convection cooling supporting a healing environment.

Marco van der Linden, UK country manager for PULS, commented: “Medical electronic products and systems can range from patient home and hospital bedside monitoring through to multi-million pound diagnostic systems. They all have two key requirements, high reliability and safety. PULS DIN-Rail power supplies have reliability and safety designed in from the beginning with our no-compromise design philosophy and component selection.”

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