Monitor temperature at multiple locations with low-power sensor family

17-10-2018 | Microchip Technology | Test & Measurement

Microchip has five new 1.8V temperature sensors, including what is claimed to be the industry’s smallest five-channel temperature sensor with standard lead spacing. The EMC181x temperature sensor family also offers system temperature rate-of-change reporting, a feature that gives advanced warning on how the temperature of a system is fluctuating.

The temperature sensors allow designers to decrease power consumption and lessen system voltage in applications such as the IoT and personal computing devices in which temperature measurement is crucial to functionality.

With the capacity to measure the system temperature rate-of-change, the devices are claimed to be the industry’s first to provide two-dimensional temperature sensing. As well as reporting on the regular temperature, the feature notifies clients of the rate of temperature change in a system and shares data that can help to better regulate applications.

Ideal for closed control loop systems and other applications that prioritise lower voltage rails, the system gives an early notification of rising or falling temperatures, defending against potential system failure.

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