Extended battery life in portable devices with new ultra-low LDO

24-10-2018 | Microchip Technology | Power

Microchip has launched a new linear LDO regulator that increases battery life in portable devices up to four times longer than conventional ultra-Iq LDOs. With an ultra-low Iq of 250nA versus the approximate 1uA operation of conventional devices, the MCP1811 LDO lessens quiescent current to save battery life, allowing end-users to recharge or replace batteries less often. The minimised power consumption allows portable electronic devices to run for months or even years on a single battery.

Ideal for IoT and battery-operated applications such as remote, wearables and hearing aids, the 250nA ultra-low Iq decreases power consumption in applications by minimising standby or shutdown current. Reducing standby power consumption is crucial in remote, battery-powered sensor nodes, where battery replacement is complicated and operating life demands are high. Offered in package options as small as 1mm x 1mm, the device uses minimal board space to meet the requirements of today’s compact portable electronic designs. Dependent on the application and number of LDOs, designers can take advantage of the additional board space with a larger battery to further increase battery life.

An extra benefit offered by the device is faster load line and transient response in comparison to other ultra-low Iq LDOs. Faster response times can speed wake-up speed in devices such as monitors or sensors that need immediate attention. Faster transient response can help designers to circumvent undervoltage and overvoltage lockout measures used in sensitive applications where transient spikes can end it catastrophic results.

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