Elevated performance industrial connectors equipped for heavy vibrations and shocks

22-10-2018 | Harwin | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Harwin's new M225 connector series are capable of withstanding a 10G vibrational force for six hours.

These compact, high-performance cable-to-board units feature robust construction for prolonged operational lifespan, due to their glass-reinforced PPS enclosures, with a 100MOhm minimum insulation resistance ensuring continued signal integrity. They feature a double row contact arrangement with a 2mm pitch that enables mating of the through-board PCB male connectors to the corresponding female crimp connectors, with an array of different wire sizes (from 22AWG to 28AWG) being accommodated. Every tin-plated copper alloy male contact has a current rating of 3.3A (3A when all contacts are electrically loaded simultaneously) and a maximum contact resistance of 25mOhm. When mated, the single-piece female contacts each have three surfaces touching the corresponding male pin. This indicates that reliable interconnection is sustained, even when located in the most uncompromising of application settings and under extreme working conditions.

An operational temperature range of -55C to +125C is covered and a 50 mating cycle lifespan supported. These components are intended for factory automation and processing machinery, industrial drives, robotics, test/monitoring instrumentation, handheld test equipment and industrial automation controls.

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