Non-volatile storage technology offers fast access and high-temperature range

30-10-2018 | Fujitsu | Automotive Technologies

Fujitsu Electronics Europe has introduced the newly developed automotive FRAM device MB85RS64VY which is optimised for the automotive sector. This is the third product of the company's new automotive FRAM family, following the release of two models with 256Kbit and 128Kbit. It provides a temperature range up to 125C and includes a memory of 64Kbit as well as an SPI interface with a maximum operating frequency of 33MHz. Supported with AEC-Q100 qualifications and documentations, the device is aimed at the automotive market as well as industrial automation applications, which needs robust and fast non-volatile memory products in hot environments.

"The automotive sector is in an important phase of transition and has to prepare itself as broadly as possible for the future," says Dr. Klaus-Peter Dyck, senior manager marketing and application at Fujitsu. "With our proven FRAM product range, we support the innovations of tomorrow. We act as a gateway for components from all over the world and our customers benefit from the expertise of our technical experts. With tailor-made solutions for every challenge, they are in a position to complete their projects more quickly and thus gain the necessary edge in the race for digital transformation."

The operating voltage of the device ranges from 2.7V to 5.5V. This relatively small FRAM product provides a cost-effective alternative to other members of the automotive FRAM family. It comes along in two package versions: SOP-8 (for the automotive and industrial market) and SON-8 package (for the industrial market), the later one measuring as small as 2mm x 3mm.

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