Sampling oscilloscope shortens test times and cuts production costs

05-09-2018 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation has new firmware downloads available for the BERTWave MP2110A Sampling Oscilloscope. The new firmware will increase its PAM4 analysis function from 26 Gbaud to 53 Gbaud targeting production and inspection of optical modules. As well as highlighting both high-sensitivity and high-speed measurements, with this release the device will now support development and production-line inspection of next-generation QSFP-DD optical transceivers expected to be deployed in data centres.

New generation 200/400 GbE interfaces are starting to appear and use PAM4 technology instead of the older NRZ technology. Although current optical modules such as CFP8s use 26Gbaud PAM4 optical signals, future mass-produced QSFP-DD and OSFP modules will use 53Gbaud PAM4 optical signals.

The device is an all-in-one measuring instrument with built-in multi-channel Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) and Sampling Oscilloscope, supporting bit error rate (BER) measurements, Eye Mask tests, Eye pattern analyses, high sampling speed of 250kSample/s and low-noise (3.4µW) high-sensitivity O/E interface. The oscilloscopes are required instruments for evaluating optical modules used by optical communications systems.

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