New connectors offer automated and visual checks to prevent misalignment

08-08-2018 | Kyocera | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Kyocera has released its new 0.5mm-pitch FPC and FFC electronic connectors with improved QA checks – both visual and AOI – to prevent misalignment. The company's new 6892 Series connectors also provide an operating range from -40C to +125C and high-speed transmission making them ideal for automotive applications.

The company is aiming to contribute to the evolution of the automotive industry by extending its lineup with FPC/FFC connectors offering heat resistance and high-speed transmission capability to meet the industry’s growing technology requirements.

The new connectors correspond to the high-speed transmission interfaces of V-by-One HS and CalDriCon. The V-by-OneHS reaches up to 3.75Gbps maximum speed.

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