New evaluation package tools target low power, IoT and security

11-07-2018 | Segger | Design & Manufacture

SEGGER offers full support for Microchip's new SAML11 devices with their whole lineup of embedded development solutions. Users can start developing with SAML11 out of the gate with SEGGER's IDE Embedded Studio, J-Link debug probes, RTOS embOS, and SystemView runtime visual analysis tool, all of which are utilised in the ready-to-go evaluation package, which is offered free for educational and non-commercial use without limitation. The MCU family runs at 32MHz with memory configuration of up to 64KB Flash and 16KB SRAM. They come in two alternative options: SAML10 and SAML11 and claim ultra-low power consumption, enhanced Peripheral Touch Controller and advanced analog options. The SAML11 version adds integrated hardware security. They come in 24 and 32-pin package options and target low power, IoT and security, capacitive touch and general-purpose embedded control applications.? The security features of the SAML11 are complemented by the option of emCrypt, a total security suite including all cryptographic algorithms needed for device security, whether for authentication, communication or any other aspect of security. “Application development on the SAML11 is made easy and full-featured when using SEGGER’s J-Link debug probes and complete embedded development tool chain. embOS is an ideal RTOS making use of the least amount of memory and optimizing performance on the SAML11. SEGGER is excited to continue contributing as a top performer within Microchip’s ecosystem.” says James Murphy, vice president of sales, U.S. at SEGGER.

By Electropages Admin