DIN-rail power supplies and accessories provide maximum reliability in tough conditions

25-07-2018 | Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd. | Power

PULS Power DIN rail power supplies are robust and provide high efficiency, reliability and long service lifetime even under testing ambient conditions. But, these properties can be diminished, particularly in tough ambient conditions, for example, high air humidity with high condensation and a mass of conductive particles in the environment, where the attraction of dust particles may be due to electrostatic charge, etc. To assure long-term dependability of a customer’s system under these conditions, power supplies with conformal-coated PCBs are recommended.

Typical applications for conformal coated DIN-Rail power supplies includes systems with paper manufacturing and processing, fan cooling, agricultural operations, use in subtropical regions and protected outdoor, railway applications and construction vehicles.

The company provides conformal-coated versions of all DIN rail power supplies, N+1 redundancy power supplies, DC-DC converters and DC-UPS/buffers. Many users who have encountered failures of conventional power supplies in their systems have now benefited from installing these conformal-coated devices to increase their system reliability.

Marco van der Linden, UK Country Manager, for PULS comments, “This production technology means that users benefit from the highest quality protective coatings. Making sure our inherently reliable power supplies and system accessories are ideally equipped for use in challenging environmental conditions for electronics.”

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