Unique three-piece contact system for linear LED and coplanar PCB connections

16-07-2018 | AVX | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

AVX Corporation has developed a cost-effective, ultra-high-reliability, three-piece STRIPT contact system for linear LED and coplanar PCB connections for off-road vehicle lighting applications. Created to absorb wide end-to-end mating tolerances, handle up to 20A of continuous current, and show robust resistance to extreme vibration, shock, and temperatures, the new 70-9159 Series linking BTB contact system consists of two low-profile, single-position, and high-spring-force surface-mount C-clip contacts including a linking bridge contact. The system's SMT C-clip contacts are made of fatigue-resistant phosphor bronze and have multiple spring-finger contact points that sustain high mating forces and guarantee uninterrupted connections. They are only 2mm tall, enabling them to be placed close to LEDs without interference. Integral dimples on the bridge contact give positive retention in the C-clip contacts to stop it from backing out, and a centred tang prevents it from moving side to side.

This latest addition to the company's portfolio of UL-certified STRIPT solutions also provides ultra-high-reliability performance in a lower profile and at a lower cost than conventional insulated connectors.

"Although we developed the new 70-9159 STRIPT linking contact system in response to a customer request for a robust, high-current, coplanar, board-to-board connector for off-road vehicle lighting, the system's high current capabilities, extreme environmental resistance, and ultra-high reliability can also provide improved performance, space savings, and cost reductions in other challenging coplanar, board-to-board applications," said Tom Anderson, product manager at AVX.

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