Wideband microwave synthesizer delivers industry-leading performance

20-07-2018 | Analog Devices | Passives

Analog Devices has a new wideband synthesiser with an integrated VCO delivering breakthrough performance and flexibility. The device is ideal for diverse market applications including aerospace and defence, microwave point-to-point links, wireless infrastructure, electronic test and measurement, and satellite terminals. The company's new ADF5610 wideband fractional-N synthesiser generates RF outputs from 55MHz to 15GHz and offers the lowest phase noise performance on a single chip. When compared to other solutions that need multiple narrowband GaAs voltage controlled oscillators and PLLs, the device offers 50% less power dissipation, smaller footprint and uncomplicated architecture which translates into BoM cost savings and reduced time to market.

The device's wideband fractional-N synthesiser is easy to design-in and fully supported by the ADIsimPLL, the company's comprehensive and easy-to-use PLL synthesiser design and simulation tool for assessing phase noise, jitter, lock time and other design considerations. The device is also customer programmable with the use of an integrated SPI interface and control software.

The device is specified over the -40C to +85C range. It operates from nominal 3.3V analog and digital power supplies as well as 5V charge-pump and VCO supplies, and feature 1.8V logic-level compatibility. The synthesiser also contains hardware and software power down modes.

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