MEMS switch technology replacement solution is smaller, faster and more reliable

13-07-2018 | Analog Devices | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Analog Devices ADGM1304/ADGM1004 SP4T MEMS Switches highlight RF-MEMS switch technology. This state-of-the-art technology allows the switches to give a relay replacement solution that is 95% smaller, 30 times faster, ten times more reliable, and use ten times less power than conventional electromechanical relays.

The MEMS switches have a micromechanical structure with a cantilever beam design and hermetically sealed switch contacts. The switching component has a highly conditioned, extremely reliable metal-to-metal contact. A co-packaged, low-voltage, standard-logic compatible driver IC generates the high-voltage required to internally electrostatically actuate the switch. All four switches are also independently controlled for maximum flexibility. The ADGM1004 switch is optimised with a 2.5kV HBM ESD rating.

These highly linear, low-insertion loss switches that run from 0Hz/DC up to 14GHz and 13GHz, respectively. Performance specifications include 30µs switching speed, 13/11GHz 3dB bandwidth, 1.6Ohm Ron and 1.6pF Coff, 36dBm power handling, typical 24dB @ 2.5GHz isolation, a minimum of 1 billion actuations, 69dBm linearity, and 30µs settling time.

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