DIN-rail power supplies available with internal decoupling and hot-swap connections

29-05-2018 | Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd. | Power

PULS Power has two new high quality Din rail power supplies offering an integrated high efficiency MOSFET based decoupling function facilitating N+1 redundant operation without an external decoupling unit or use of inefficient “OR-ing” diodes.

The CP10.241.R2 and CP20.241.R2 provide output power of 240W and 480W respectively and both have hot-swap connectors assuring no-break power in mission critical applications. Other standard features are universal AC input, active PFC, minimal inrush current surge, standard output voltages of 12, 24, 36 and 48VDC, 20% 'power reserve' for peak load demands, operating temperature range of -25C to +70C with full power available between -40C and +60C, operating humidity range from 5%RH to 95%RH, safe 'HiccupPLUS' overload protection, internal 'DC OK' contact and three-year warranty. Standard spring clamp terminal connection is offered as an option.

Typical applications include industrial systems, transportation, water processing, marine, semiconductor manufacture, drives and controls, renewable energy systems, robotics and medical.

Marco van der Linden, UK country manager, for PULS comments, “These new N+1 redundant, hot-swappable DIN-rail power supplies reduce system complexity and cost, offer shorter installation times and space savings of more than 45% over conventional power solutions. The PULS CP series are efficient, compact and reliable and have a highly sophisticated thermal design delivering the lowest cost of ownership to the end user.”

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