New high-performance band-pass filters for RF/microwave applications

11-05-2018 | AVX | Subs & Systems

AVX Corporation has released a new series of low-profile, high-performance band-pass filters based on the company's patented and proven multilayer organic (MLO) high-density interconnect technology.

The new BP Series MLO band-pass filters combine high-dielectric-constant and low-loss materials that are expansion matched to most organic PCB materials, giving improved reliability over standard silicon and ceramic devices, highlight an ultralow profile of less than 0.556mm, and supports 18 pass bands spanning 620-5,930MHz. The series also exhibits low insertion loss (1.57-2.41dB typical), low parasitics, excellent rejection of out-of-band frequencies, 50Ohm impedance, and favourable heat dissipation characteristics. It is rated for 1W continuous RF power, making it perfect for use in a broad range of wireless applications, including base stations, wireless communications systems, defence and emergency first responder radios, UAVs, microcells, femtocells, wireless access points and terminals, and instrumentation equipment.

The new filters are currently available in three case sizes: 3416, 4617, and 5021, and are provided with gold terminations that are compatible with automatic soldering technologies including wave soldering, reflow, vapour phase, and manual. The series is rated for operating temperatures crossing -55C to +85C, is 100% tested for electrical parameters. It is both RoHS compliant and lead-free compatible.

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