Fuse technologies added to portfolio to meet higher voltage and current needs

20-04-2018 | Bourns | Power

Bourns is introducing their first of many new SinglFuse product series planned in its strategic roadmap for 2018. The significant expansion of its SinglFuse line includes advanced wire-core, ceramic multilayer and ceramic tube fuse technologies in addition to the company's successful thin film chip fuse products. The first of the new devices are five new fast-acting precision and time-lag thin film fuse product series. Fast acting precision fuses are rated to open within five seconds at 200% rated current. Time lag thin film fuses open within one to 120 seconds at 200%-rated current. These latest fuse products address the increasing need for effective circuit protection in applications including cell phones, PC and LCD monitors, portable memory, digital cameras and set-top boxes. The first five new product series include Models SF-1206FP, SF-1206SP, SF-0603FP, SF-0603SP and SF-0402FP. These single blow fuses for overcurrent protection feature current ranges from 500mA to 7A. Offered in surface mount packaging for automated assembly; these new products also help meet limited design space constraints with small, industry-standard 0402 (1005 metric), 0603 (1608 metric) and 1206 (3216 metric) footprints.