New development kit combines wireless power and data transmission

20-03-2018 | Wurth | Development Boards

The 760308EMP-WPT-200W from W├╝rth Elektronik eiSos and Infineon Technologies AG is a 200W development system for wireless power transfer. The development kit offers a link between the transmitter and receiver coils can be used to transfer not only power but also data. The kit comprises a power supply, a transmitter unit and a receiver unit, and is a powerful and innovative solution. The transmitter side includes a full bridge and a resonant circuit which is made up of the WPT coil and the resonant capacitors connected in series. The system operates in zero voltage switching (ZVS) mode due to the phase shift between voltage and current in the resonant circuit. This results in a high level of efficiency for the overall system. On the receiver side, there is a synchronous rectifier with downstream filtering and sieving. Due to the AM modulation of the alternating field between transmitter and receiver, any data can be sent from the receiver side to the transmitter side. A sample application could be a mobile device sending sensor data to a base station through the charging process. All data required to implement this kind of proprietary system is provided for free download.

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