USB3 industrial vision module combines advanced image processing features in compact package

27-03-2018 | Sony | Test & Measurement

Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions is offering its first industrial vision module to use the USB3.0 transmission standard. The GS CMOS module, which is offered in both colour and black and white variants, has a 1.6MP resolution (1456 x 1088 pixels) and transmits data at over 100fps. The device has been designed to provide a simple migration path from CCD to GS CMOS, enabling the switch without system upgrades or a changed architecture. At its heart is the 1/3-type Sony Pregius IMX273 sensor, which is an ideal replacement for the highly-renowned ICX445 CCD sensor and gives huge technological improvements in sensitivity, dynamic range, noise reduction and frame rate capability. Sony’s Matt Swinney commented: “For those who have overall responsibility for machine vision systems, the migration path from analogue to digital is front of mind. The XCU-CG160 makes this an easy process with the added advantage of superb performance. We believe this will be very favourably received by the market.”

By Electropages Admin