Intelligent connector design helps farmers harvest data

07-03-2018 | RS Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Bulgin has developed an ‘intelligent connector’ and trialled its use in agricultural sensing and control. These connectors are available now from RS Components. In a customisation project for their client, California-based AgTech Industries, Bulgin incorporated integrated electronics into a rugged miniaturised connector for AgTech’s new smart infield telemetry system called AgriCapture.

The 400 Series is a compact series of connectors within the company's Buccaneer range and is perfect for designs needing a small footprint. The miniature sealed circular connectors are rugged and lightweight, allowing highly reliable power, data or signal connections condensed into a compact form factor.

The connectors are easily reprogrammable, and the system also allows the user to see whether or not a connector is active and connected.

“One of the best things (about collaborating with Bulgin) was the customer service. They helped us find the connectors that we desired, and worked with us to make sure that they were cost-effective as well as suitable for our solutions,” said co-founder and chief procurement officer of AgTech, Jesse Martin. “Working with Bulgin to develop our smart cables could really revolutionise the agricultural monitoring industry.”

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