Specialist gasket profiles for enclosures, cabinets, vehicles and HVAC

22-03-2018 | Emka | Subs & Systems

EMKA can offer an extensive stock of standard gasket profiles for cabinets, enclosures, vehicles, HVAC and similar. Extruded sections give a simple and effective means of sealing to common IP ratings such as IP44, IP55, IP65, IP66. The company's gaskets seal against ingress of liquids or dust when installed face-to-face between a door and cabinet frame. Other sections install edge-to-face and yet others seal inspection windows or provide a wiping action. Paint protection and compensation of varying gap thicknesses are other important factors in gasket application.

Extruded gaskets for enclosures and other purposes are available in self-adhesive, self-grip (clip-on), channel fixing and window type (with expansion insert). The range includes EPDM, NBR, CR, PVC and silicone, as well as many with EMC compatible coating.

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