New generation of area lamps offer high intensity in a compact design

19-03-2018 | DELO | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

DELO Industrial Adhesives has a new generation of area lamps with a wavelength of 365nm now available. In comparison to their previous models, the enhanced DELOLUX 20/365 and DELOLUX 202/365 LED lamps produce much higher intensity. They also have increased energy efficiency and a more compact shape.

Both curing lamps are offered with an intensity of 1200mW/cm², and also intensity of 600mW/cm². The use of very high intensities (1200mW/cm²) is especially suited when a layer of adhesive demands to be cured quickly between two components that are hard to irradiate, or where the joined materials are placed slightly further away from the light source for design reasons. Thanks to their high-intensity levels, geometries that are hard to access can be irradiated. As a result, the adhesive can be cured within seconds while maintaining a dry surface.

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