Secure data transmission through rugged switches in extreme conditions

01-03-2018 | Amplicon | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Amplicon has introduced the OCTOPUS family from Beldon, a range of industrial IP67/65/54 Ethernet switches capable of offering maximum network reliability and long-term availability under extreme conditions. The switches have been specifically designed for use in the field and assure the highest industrial protection ratings (IP67/IP65/IP54) for humidity, dirt, mechanical stress, dust, shock and vibration. Also, they are able of withstanding extreme cold and heat, while meeting the strictest fire prevention requirements. The switches have application-specific standards and certifications for use in the transport industry, including trains, road vehicles and ships; with its rugged features, they also offer optimum performance in general manufacturing, machine building and automotive applications.

By Electropages Admin