Modbus TCP I/O expansion units added to portfolio of measurement and control products

26-03-2018 | Amplicon | Test & Measurement

Amplicon has added the ICP DAS iP-8000-MTCP series to its portfolio of measurement and control products. These cost-effective Modbus TCP I/O expansion units provide users with maximum flexibility when designing a custom data acquisition system. With more than 50 I/O modules to choose from, including analogue and digital I/O, counter and frequency modules, the new series are the perfect choice when performing complex monitoring and control tasks. Tom King, Measurement and Control Product Specialist at Amplicon commented: “With the introduction of these new modular Ethernet I/O devices, Amplicon and ICP DAS continue to provide the marketplace with a wide range of low cost and user friendly data acquisition products that can be customised to meet the requirements of our customers.”

By Electropages Admin