New portfolio of 3GHz sector antennas with improved performance now available

19-02-2018 | KP Performance Antennas | Subs & Systems

KP Performance Antennas has released new high performance, 3GHz sector antennas to its portfolio for use in WISP networks.

The company's expanded line of 3GHz sector antennas consists of four new models which include the KP-3SX4-65 quad-port 18dBi sector, the KP-3S3S-65SA featuring two 3GHz antennas in one radome, the KP-3DP65S-45 18dBi Dual Polarized sector, and the KP-3DP120S-45 3GHz sector that is specifically designed for LTE applications.

“These new sector antennas are perfect for use on crowded towers where the same or overlapping frequencies are being used,” explains Shane MacDonald, senior accounts manager at KP Performance Antennas. “Additionally, the wide coverage design of the antennas reduces the overall tower space used, saving colocation costs for our customers.”

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