Easy way to provide a browser interface to any device, service or software module

15-01-2018 | Segger | New Technologies

emWeb web server, from Segger, is a simple way to provide a browser interface to any service, device or software module. Written entirely in C, it simply integrates into any current application on embedded devices, tablets/cell phones or host computers running Linux, macOS or Windows. The benefits of this approach are clear: the application or device can be controlled and monitored in real time from any other device using a browser. No application needs to be given to the end customer so that engineering works can be kept to a minimum. The solution makes use of HTTP, a widely established model, as the underlying base for the user interface, making it highly accessible and portable. The only need is a browser, and no drivers are required to support access to any operating system. The user interface can be scaled depending on resources and requirements from traditional basic HTML to sophisticated modern interfaces using Javascript, Ajax, SSE, Websockets and more. The solution has a very tiny memory footprint, which also presents an ideal fit to be used in embedded devices, even resource constrained single-chip, MCU-based devices.

By Electropages Admin