New high-quality digital multimeter targets both professionals and hobbyists

10-01-2018 | Conrad Electronic | Test & Measurement

Conrad Electronic is now offering the Voltcraft VC175, a digital multimeter that delivers top-end features for professional users at an affordable price point. The multimeter is a very robust unit with automatic scaling. The device’s voltage measurement range of up to 600V allows professional tasks to be performed safely and reliably. The AC and DC voltage ranges are from 1mV up to 600V, and the AC and DC current measurement range is from 0.1A up to 10A. The unit’s current measuring ranges are protected by high-performance fuses against overload, too. The unit has a mounting bracket to put the meter in an easily readable position, giving users both hands free to make electrical measurements. The device is enclosed in a soft-rubber housing for protection, and powered via a standard 9V battery and comes with test probes and a manual.