New RF interference locator introduces expert interference hunting in mobile networks

07-11-2017 | Rohde & Schwarz | Test & Measurement

The launch of the R&S MNT100 RF interference locator from Rohde and Schwarz provides a new, expert approach to the challenge of locating and identifying sources of RF interference in mobile networks. The new handheld instrument is optimized to detect, analyze and locate sources of interference from 600MHz to 6GHz. Easy to use, it automatically locates interferers significantly faster than existing solutions on the market by using a realtime FFT receiver and fast automatic direction finding. The device further enhances the extensive mobile network testing portfolio from Rohde & Schwarz for interference hunting that includes spectrum analysers, PIM testers, scanning receivers and direction-finding antennas and software. The wide-ranging RF preselection allows the device to be used with antennas in dense spectrum environments. Under such demanding conditions, the device makes it possible to detect very low-level signals thanks to its exceptionally high spurious-free dynamic range. It also features the fastest realtime signal processing in its class and, thanks to its fast gap-free realtime FFT, can detect extremely short emissions. Even signals that are transmitted for 20ns are detected with 100% probability of intercept (depending on signal level). The instrument’s polychrome display enables resolution of superimposed pulsed signals, making it possible to detect and differentiate complex signal bursts that cannot be seen with traditional swept-tuned spectrum analysers.

By Electropages Admin